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Carrie Poling

Before Care 


2's Teacher

Kayleigh Leonard

Office Assistant and After Care

Kelsey Gumm

3's Teacher Assistant

After Care

Sonja Honore

Before and After

Extended Care Teacher Assistant

Debra Kinnard 

Before Care Teacher

Mariah Evje

Extended Care

Teacher Assistant

JoAnne Jensen

2's Teacher

Sandy Dunker

Office Assistant

Michelle Halstead


our school year staff

In 1980, Mother’s Day Out Preschool began as a ministry of FAITHBRIDGE offering parents and caregivers of toddlers and preschoolers the opportunity to have safe fun Christian learning environment for their children.   Over the years Mother’s Day Out has evolved into a wonderful Christian Preschool and Childcare Center preparing children for their next level of their learning education.

Mother’s Day Out believes that all children should have the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment rich with shared talents and gifts.  We feel that every child is special in his/her varied methods for learning, so immersing children in classrooms by their age strengthens their ability to interact positively with their peers.  Our goal is to enrich the lives of families within a Christian environment so that they know their children are safe, nurtured, and challenged appropriately, while gently receiving the individualized support to move them toward success and contentment.

Our Story

Preschool Hours

Monday 9:15-2:15
Tuesday 9:15-2:15
Wednesday 9:15-2:15
Thursday 9:15- 2:15
Friday 9:15-2:15

Before and After Extended Care Hours 

Before Care  7:00am-9:15am

After Care 2:15pm-5:00pm 

Children must be present for Mother's Day Out regular session to use the Before and After Extended Care Hours.  

Families may choose to enroll their child    

ages 1 - 5  for 2 to 5 days a week.

hours of operation

Heather Petrowsky

Extended Care 

Teacher Assistant

Robin Korndoerfer

Toddler Teacher

Amy Orthmann

4K Teacher

Barbara Martin 

Toddler Teacher

Rachael Hunnicutt

3's Teacher

Carrie Kiiskila 

2's Teacher

Jennifer Polenski 

2's Teacher Assistant

After Care

Madison Henningfeld

3's Teacher Assistant

Before Care